Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges

Des Moines is a community that includes people of many different identities, cultures and experiences. While some neighborhoods thrive, others are left behind with inadequate resources, dormant neighborhoods and a lack of equitable solutions for residents in those communities.

There are no quick fixes to all of the problems we face in our city, but there are some obvious solutions proposed by the community we could and should be implementing.

Restorative Justice

We have to continue to come together to hold our government accountable.

Improve Access To Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare is a fundamental human right.

Government Transparency and Accessibility

To truly be for the people and by the people

Fix Food Deserts

Everyone needs access to healthy and affordable food.

Eco-Urban Sustainability

Clean drinking water should be accessible for all in Des Moines.

Support Small Businesses

Understanding the unique needs of small businesses

Housing Stability

Access to quality, affordable and accessible housing is a necessity.